An API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface for software systems to connect and interact with other software systems. Startupsmith can develop API's and also integrate API's with other systems, websites and mobile apps.

Do I need an API?

There are many different cases where you will need an API. API's can be used internally within your business or organisation or they can be public.

Internal APIs - Internal APIs can be used to connect systems within your organisation. This could be to feed data between systems in real time. Another common requirement for an API is if you have a mobile app that connects users together or downloads data from the cloud.

Public APIs - Public APIs are used for people or organisations outside of your business to connect their systems to your system or to develop applications on top of your system. Public APIs require more security as people outside of their organisation are connecting with their system. Having a public API is usually a strategic decision that depends on the type of products or services that you are offering as well as the capabilities of your customers and business partners.

API Standards

There are two standards for APIs that are most commonly used throughout the world. These standards are:

SOAP - An older standard that is generally being phased out in open APIs. However larger enterprises tend to prefer the use of SOAP as they have more control over the API.

REST - This standard was developed after SOAP and is designed to solve many of the issues that are faced with SOAP.


Most of the common programming technologies have frameworks and follow the standards to build APIs. These include .Net, php, Ruby on Rails, Django. Basically any modern web technology has some support for building APIs using the common API standards.

How we can help

Startupsmith has experience building APIs in multiple technologies and frameworks as well as both the common API standards. We can help you develop the APIs required for your new app or if you have an existing system that you need to open up for integration we can build an API within your system or as an addon.