Got a Bright Idea?

Got an idea for a new app or online service that you really want to exist or see potential for a new market/business. Startupsmith has extensive experience working with startup businesses to help them get their software product(s) to market.

Product Development

If you have validated your new idea and want to get underway with the full product development Startupsmith can take you through this process. We take an Agile and iterative approach when developing software for our clients. This means that you are involved throughout the development lifecycle to ensure that the product is being developed to the requirements and ideas that you have.


If you don't yet know if your new idea is possible or you want something to present to people to get a better understanding of your idea a prototype can help you do this. A prototype in this case will be basic development of your idea that won't necessarily cover all of your requirements rather it will take out the essential or unknown parts. Your prototype may also not be usable for the end users, this is likely in the case where you are prototyping to prove and explain your idea.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

MVP is a term commonly used in the Startup word when referring to a basic or slimmed down version of your product or idea. MVP is used to help validate your idea. Validation in this case means finding out if your target market will actually use your application and also if they are prepared to pay for it. The idea of the MVP is to save money when you aren't sure if your idea is going to work. So instead of developing an entire product you just develop a product with the core feature(s). Startupsmith can help you with defining and developing the MVP for your idea.

More Information

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