Web Applications

Startupsmith can architect, research and develop web applications for your new idea or business.

What are Web Applications?

A "web application" is another name given to websites that offer more than just displaying content or forms. Web applications have more advanced functionality to help acheive certain tasks or desired goals. In a business this might be a web application to do invoicing. An example of a popular web application is Xero which is an accounting web application.

Do I need a Web Application?

If you have a new idea for a service that doesn't already exist or you need to solve a business problem or make an administrative task more efficient then a web application may be for you. The alternative to these cases would be an application that sits on your desktop. We recommend developing software applications as web applications because they are easier and cheaper to support and maintain. If you are unsure you need a web application please contact us and we can discuss what the best solution is for you.

How Startupsmith can help?

If you require a new web application for your idea or problem(s) or have an existing web application that needs some further development we can help you.

For new web applications - Startupsmith will take you through the full software developement lifecycle. We are flexible in our project approaches and can develop your web application in different phases or we can develop your web application continuously until it is completed to how you envisioned it.

For existing web applications - If you have an existing web application that may be a bit out of date and is no longer supported by the original developer we are here to help. These projects can be tricky as the code has been written by another person. We are proud to say that we have always been successful when helping our clients with existing web applications.

In all cases for web development we take an iterative approach. This means that throughout the lifecycle of the project you will be kept involved and communicated with to ensure that the project is being developed to your requirements and to what your envisioned.

What technologies does Startupsmith use?

Startupsmith supports multiple tenchnologies for developing web applications. Generally we use Ruby on Rails or C# for the development of web applications. We also support PHP but generally we don't use it for new projects. If you have an existing web application that is written in PHP we will be able to help you with developing the application further or fixing bugs.